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Why Telemedicine ?

Whilst our hospitals are still open and in operation 24 hours to meet the demand of patients with no interruption in our capability and capacity in caring for you and your family, even in this in time of uncertainty.

To provide our existing patients an alternative reach to your favorite consultant and a ‘peace of mind’ at the comfort of your home.

Benefits of using Telemedicine


How Telemedicine Works

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Telemedicine is an online platform, which gives patient an option to connect with the doctor, for consultation.

The Telemedicine (Online consultation) Service is ONLY for existing registered patients with KPJ Hospitals who are already under KPJ doctor’s care. As Telemedicine (Online consultation) is considered as a continuation care of service for patients.

Telemedicine (Online consultation) is best suited for patients, who are unable to leave their home for any reasons and would still want to get connected with their doctors. Telemedicine (Online consultation) is provided through the Google Meet application which allows you to consult your doctor from wherever you are, at an agreed time once an appointment has been confirmed.

Yes. Patient is required to have a valid email account in order to book the appointment successfully. Telemedicine consultation will be carried out via a video conference tool, i.e. Google Meet, through calendar of appointment.

Yes. A consent form is required to be completed by you before a Telemedicine (Online consultation) can be initiated.

Yes. Relatives or legal guardians are allowed to request on behalf of the patient if the patient is unable to do so.

The Telemedicine service has a minimal upfront consultation fee with the doctor, however if required on the prescribed medication, the charge will be separate. The upfront payment for the service is RM115, which comprise of RM105 for consultation fee and RM10 for administration fee. All payment shall be made before the telemedicine service appointment.